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About Sadistic Chicken

Sadistic Chicken is a long distance band formed in 2011 by Rob McCormack and Pete Benson, both formerly of HowManyDevils. Long distance because Pete is in Sheffield and Rob is now in Cambridge. With the addition of Stumpy Boxhead the line up is a classic power trio, however Stumpy Boxhead is not real.
Rob also works as Destruction Junkie and squealshuft.
Pete works as PJ Benson, OUTWERKS, and half of WIDESCREEN SET.

Sadistic Chicken Massacre

11 songs recorded over 6 months without anyone ever being in the same room. Only 20 years in the making. More >

Latest News

Pete and Rob started working on a second Sadistic Chicken album, but this is on indefinite hold as they have been joined by Simon again and reformed HowManyDevils

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